When it comes to talking about money, the discourse is typically centered on growing one’s earnings, savings, and investments, while reducing debt and careless spending. Rarely do we make a correlation between these aspirations and our own growth in terms of personal and professional development.

Yet, I believe a strong case can be made for this oft overlooked connection – especially for those of us who are not professional athletes and therefore not “trained” to see the connection between improved performance and one’s level of wealth.

Consider the small business owner who hires a coach because her business is faltering; or, the physician who attends the annual medical conference to obtain CMEs (Continuing Medical Education); or the middle manager taking firm-provided training to improve his chances for a promotion; or the artist who works for an arts-based non-profit and participates in an artist fellowship program; or the person who annually attends a yoga retreat. These are just some examples of how people invest in their personal or professional well-being. (Continue Reading…)

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