If you have a side-business, it is probably your intention that someday it will no longer be a “side” gig. I suspect your dream is that one day you’ll be able to dedicate 100% of your time and resources to it and let go of your “day job.”

But how do you know when you are really ready to make that transition? What do you use to gauge if now is the right time to say good-bye to your “9-5” and let go of the (relatively) guaranteed bi-weekly check you have currently?

When I started my business in 1995, I didn’t start it as a side gig; although, there were times when I wish I had! The reasons for my occasional woe is me in the form of, “If I could do this over, I would…” represent the three factors you need to consider when deciding the best time to leave your primary job. (Continue Reading…)

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