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Each day you are making or producing something that someone else is consuming, experiencing or interacting with.

This is why, when I had the good fortune to hear Russell Simmons speak at an event sponsored by Credit Suisse, the following statement really resonated with me:

“You can’t make a good record worrying about the money you’re going to make. It’s all about the melody.” Russell Simmons

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. And, you don’t have to be a musician to embrace his statement. It’s application extends far beyond the music industry and it is perfect for this installment in my work + money series.


What Comes First

Last week I shared two stats that shed light on two trends affecting today’s economic and employment landscapes: 4.4 years and 42 million. (If you missed it, click here.)

Here’s today’s staggering number: 83%.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, 83% of HR managers said personal finance problems had an impact on employee performance. Not surprisingly, money pressures:

  • distract employees
  • keep people feeling trapped and without options
  • create a great deal of stress
  • tend to narrow your scope of vision and seduce you into focusing on what’s not present vs. what could be.

Couple this with the growing practice of companies rescinding offers because of negative feedback from credit checks and reports and the obvious just becomes even more so: personal finance is a career issue.

If you’re worried about money, it’s hard to be creative.

If you’re worried about money, it’s hard to perform at your peak.

If you run a business and are worried about money, it’s hard to keep clients and attract your ideal prospects.

The reality of personal finances being a career issue doesn’t just pop up when times are financially challenging. It’s just as relevant when you are experiencing financial success, too.

So whether the goal is to deal with a financial problem or to make more money, the way out of financial problems or to get to the next level isn’t to focus on the money!

This is why I thought Russell’s statement was such a gem. His words…

  • perfectly describe the relationship between work + money.
  • silently instruct you on what to do if you’re having financial problems.
  • invite you to focus on doing great work and letting go of being attached to how the effort connected to any one endeavor will payoff.

Your Money, Your Career…and the American Dream?

With about fourteen words, Russell taps into the key elements of the American Dream: work, money and freedom. We get a glimpse of the magic that happens when you operate with the mindset of money being a by-product of – not simply the end goal.

And while how you desire to experience the American Dream may differ from Russell’s, it’s pretty safe to assume he’s living his! 🙂

But, are you living yours?

Are you proactively managing your career choices, which undoubtedly affects your personal finances?

Are you effectively managing your personal finances so that you have the time, creative and financial freedom to work how you want, when you want, where you want and why you want?

When it comes to the American Dream, it wouldn’t behoove you to parse out the elements of work, money, and freedom. Therefore, you can’t ignore the need to increase your emotional intelligence (read: manage your career well); you also can’t ignore the invitation to deepen your financial intimacy (read: manage your money more effectively).

It also wouldn’t serve you to overlook other factors that affect how you experience the American Dream: race and gender.

As such, I invite you to join me on Wednesday, 28 May for a fascinating conversation exploring the many layers of the American Dream.

American Dream? Rethinking Race, Gender, and Financial Success” is the focus of this month’s Financial Intimacy Hour, which is being hosted by my alma mater Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business.

During this in-person event, I’m interviewing Dr. Atira Charles and we’re going to make certain you have the emotional intelligence and financial intimacy skills to effectively manage your career…and your money. Especially if – in this ever-evolving economic and employment environment – you’re wondering about the future of your American Dream.

The event is free! So, if you live in the New York City area, click here to learn more and to register.


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