Has anyone ever said to you, “I saw someone who looked just like you!” Or, have you said the same? 

Has someone ever enthusiastically greeted you only to discover you weren’t the person they thought? Or, have you done likewise? 

Growing up, I recall the grown-ups around me saying, “everyone has a twin.” I just used to think this notion was “old folks” talk. 

Yet, according to Michael Sheehan, an assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University, “There is only so much genetic diversity to go around.” Therefore, having a look-a-like twin who isn’t related to you is highly probable. As evidence: Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle. He has spent 20 years capturing the images of look-alikes. To date, he’s photographed 250 pairs of look-alikes.  

And, I’ve got a theory. 

It’s about a dopplegänger of a different kind, though. I’ll say right now that I am sharing my theory – even though I haven’t fully fleshed it out. 

I hope that’s okay with you. In part, because I think it can be beneficial to share ideas that are still a work in progress. Plus, it ties into this month’s theme on relationships – with money, business, and life. 

So, here goes…

Same person; Different response

Usually, dopplegängers are thought of as being external to us. The stranger that looks like us.

But what if we considered this possibility, too: That your dopplegänger could actually be another version of you.

From a recent therapy session, I had an amazing insight about how I handle fear. 

Turns out, I approach it very differently when it comes to managing and growing my business than I do when it comes to some of my personal relationships. 

Ever since having my aha moment, I’ve been noodling on the adage, “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

More precisely, I’ve been thinking about the nuance of this phrase. (There is nuance with everything, right?!)

Because after all, I’m the same person. However, it became clear that when any aspect of the “environment” changes – the context, my role, and what’s at stake – a different version of me shows up. Even if that difference is not immediately discernible.

In my case, fear was the source of my revelation.

What emotion can serve as your muse to help you discover how different versions of yourself show up depending upon the circumstances?

What about your role changes? What’s the context of that change? What do you see as the cost? What factor does the element of control play?

With the insight you gain from your answers, how might it help you make better, smarter decisions?

If you’re wondering what this exploration has to do with your relationship with money, business, and life, I say…everything!

Clues Are Everywhere

When you notice behavioral patterns in one relationship, it can amplify your perception of similar patterns in another. However, they often “present” differently. 

For example:

If there are aspects of your relationship with money that you want to understand or change, you might want to examine one of your personal relationships (start with the 5/5 exercise).

If there are aspects of your relationship with your business that you want to understand or change, you might want to examine what’s going on in your relationship with money.

If there are aspects of how you relate to your prospects, customers, and clients that you want to understand or change, you might want to examine how you are relating to family members and friends.

I wholeheartedly believe this:

What shows up in one relationship may give you clues for what’s working (or not) in another realm of relationships.

The dynamism and nuance of relationships is why I embrace the maxim, “Wherever you go, there you are.” 

Yes, I am still fleshing out this idea that another version of yourself can also be viewed as your doppelgänger. 

But, I think it’s one worth exploring and leaning into. And, I would love if you joined me in doing so. Especially since it can help you pay attention to your patterns of thought, behavior, and approach, which you might otherwise overlook. Especially since it can highlight things you may need to improve, whilst simultaneously reminding you of your strengths.

Will you join me? Will you share your aha? If you’re game, send me a DM on Instagram.

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