Personal Financial Statement

Instructions: Use the spreadsheet link below to create your own personal comprehensive financial statement, to include your income statement; balance sheet; and debt profile.

(Financial) Performance Tracker

Instructions: Use the spreadsheet link below to easily track your financial performance and growth over the next twelve (12) months.

Advisor Questionnaire

Click the below link:

Glossary of Financial Roles

Click the below link:

“Feed the Meter Guide: Saving For Your Goals Just Got a Little Easier”

Click the below links:

Audio Instructions –

Workbook –

SWOT Analysis

Click the below link:





Financial Wheel

We started our workshop experience with my signature exercise: The Financial Wheel.

Provided below is a link to go through the questions again? And/or to have your spouse or significant other do the exercise, as well. This is always helpful and tends to spark conversation that you may not have had about money before.

When you click the below link, you’ll be redirected to the exercise. You will also be automatically signed up for the accompanying eCourse – this combination is designed to help you think more intentionally and act more deliberately when it comes to your choices around money.

Because after all, you don’t really manage money…you manage choices!

Go here ->






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