Unlock the Mystery of Effectively Pricing Your Offer
Price Confidently, Strategically, and Profitably
Every Time You Ask:

“What Should I Charge For This?” 

Pricing Masterclass

Plus One (1), 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session

Pricing is the backbone of your business.

Yet, getting your prices “right” involves more than just the numbers you see. It also requires more than a calculator

There is a psychological and emotional element to your pricing for your prospects, clients, customers. As well as for you!

If you set your prices too high, you run the risk of not selling your services or products. If you set them too low, you damage more than your bottom line. 

Struggling to set and raise your prices can eventually impact your bottom line in a negative way — this struggle can stunt your business’ growth and profitability. Not to mention the impact it can have on your personal finances, too. 

Jacquette Timmons

In other words, your pricing is the lever that makes the difference between living and working comfortably versus constantly worrying about the same thing when it comes to your finances — your business’ and/or personal finances.

On the flip side…

When you use more than a calculator to answer the question, “What should I charge for this?,” and tackle your pricing from all sides: the financial, the emotional, the personal, it becomes a whole lot easier to have, build and sustain a successful, cashflow positive and profitable business. 

Not only does this help you to navigate the natural ebbs and flows of business, this also boosts the heck out of your confidence about the work you do and for whom.

But, you might find yourself asking:

“Is now the right time to focus on the prices I charge?


Given the on-going concerns about inflation and how it is keeping the cost of money high.

Given the current state of people’s spending behaviors.
Yes, they are still spending, but maybe it feels like they are more cautious when it comes to what you offer.

Given that you already feel self-conscious about your current prices.

Because you can always find an external or internal reason to avoid focusing on your pricing in a strategic and more intentional way, the short answer is a resounding and emphatic, “YES!”

Now is always the right and perfect time to think about your pricing and explore —

  • is now the time to increase your prices;
  • is now the time to create a new, but lower priced offer;
  • is now the time to create a new, but higher priced offer;
  • is now the time to pivot and adjust your business model (which likely means reevaluating your prices)? 

All of these are excellent and valid questions to address right now.

In fact, doing so has the potential of putting you and your business on an even firmer financial foundation — one that will enable you to navigate the inevitable ebbs and flows of business, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

And this is exactly why I’m hosting a live, 2-hour* masterclass: 

Pricing Made Human®

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The four reasons pricing is hard; two of which might surprise you.
  • A pricing framework you can utilize each time you create and/or refine a service or product – and set or raise your prices, accordingly.
  • The things in your business increasing your prices can’t fix.

By the end of our two hours* together, you’ll  know what tweaks you can take immediate action on so that you are…

  • pricing for profit (regardless of your revenue goals and aspirations).
  • pricing for short- and long-term growth and sustainability.
  • pricing for the value you create (not your “worth” or just what you think someone can afford to pay).
  • using a pricing model that automatically integrates the health of your personal finances, too!

Workshop Details:

When: The next masterclass will be held on Thursday, December 5, 2024 at 4pm ET/1pm PT.

Where: Our private Zoom room. The link will be shared with you once yourRSVP.

Space is limited: We are capping this masterclass at 10 people.

Who’s it for: Smart, driven, curious high-earning entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of business, who, sometimes find themselves feeling stuck and less confident about their prices and their pricing strategy and approach. You might work as a therapist, doctor, photographer, coach & strategist, designer, engineer, educator, agency owner, or author – with 0-10 team members/employees. 

*The content is delivered within the 2-hour time-frame. But I often stay an extra 30-minutes for an expanded Q&A.

“My biggest takeaway was looking at the emotional components of money, my business and my future in my business. And then having the opportunity to plot it out with real numbers and real excitement. It really showed me the programs that I offer that I am not emotionally attached to anymore – so they may need to go.”


Setting and raising your prices can feel daunting, especially if you rely solely on a calculator…

…but this masterclass will FINALLY shed light on the power of tackling your pricing from all sides: the financial, the emotional, the personal. 

Space is extremely limited so save your spot today!

A VIP Day is $3750; 1:1 Coaching is $12,000

But you can join me for this live masterclass
Pricing Made Human

for just

$475 USD


“What I loved about today’s retreat was that it allowed me the space to have a total re-think about how I was approaching my pricing. And the interaction with the other participants was palpable in also helping me rethink my approach to my business, in general.”


Hey, I’m Jacquette M. Timmons. As a financial behaviorist, with an MBA in Finance, I run a coaching and speaking business that focuses on the human side of money.  And, I am committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money.

Also, I want entrepreneurs to take better care of their personal finances.

I’m a traditionally published author; I host live events; and I speak for Fortune 100 and AM Law 200 companies, nationally known non-profit organizations, and conferences – both large and boutique. My coaching and teaching style helps my clients move through the stages of self-awareness to self-empowerment to personalized action.

You can read more details about my body of work here

But as it relates to the role of pricing and how it can mask some fundamental flaws in your offerings and business model…

My aha moment came when I had a profitable year, but realized I was actually “broke” – my personal finances didn’t reflect my business’ success.

This was amplified when a client of mine reached that sought after threshold of earning six-figures in her business. But in the same celebratory breath said, “Oh shoot…I don’t have any money! How can this be?”

Recognizing a gap in the business coaching space – the gap of not integrating business and personal finances – I created offerings like this pricing masterclass, for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to price confidently, strategically and profitably.   

“Over the course of two years, my net worth went from about -$12,000 to over $105,000! The change feels great. I feel more grounded and secure about my finances, and confident in asking for much healthier rates for the work I do. Running the numbers completely and holistically made the progress I’ve made undeniable. Thank you for all the support and wisdom you’ve imparted to me along the way; it’s been invaluable.”

Prefers to be anonymous

Other Important Details

In case you’re wondering, here’s what’s not included in this masterclass:

  • Lengthy hot seats that entail a detailed, personalized review of your business model and sales process, or highly customized suggestions about your pricing.
  • Detailed feedback about your messaging and positioning.
  • An evaluation of your clients, customers and prospects.

If you want a more personalized and in-depth experience, a VIP Day Session or 1:1 business + financial coaching are probably a better fit. Please send an email to <[email protected]>

And here’s the not-so-fine print:

No refunds for this masterclass will be granted for any reason. Space is limited, which means that if you decide to take one of the spots, it’s yours – even if you do not attend live.

The session will be recorded and you’ll have 60-days (or until February 5, 2025) to access the video or audio recording of the live session. You will not be able to download the recording to a device of your own.

If you’re not really sure if this masterclass is right for you, reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

“Jacquette’s energy and enthusiasm are so infectious. She not only listened to my struggles and fogginess when it comes to aligning personal and professional finances, she also presented an unexpected solution to the process that I was planning. By working on our personal and family financial goals first, I was then able to design and simplify my business services to support them. I cannot imagine doing it the other way around now!”


Make sure the next price you quote on the phone, in an email, in a proposal, or on your website, takes into account your personal and business goals, along with the value you promise and the value your clients, customers and prospects expect.

$475 USD

To Join Us Live;
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And be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, December 5, 2024 at 4pm ET

$675 USD

Prefer the On-Demand,
plus one (1), 30-minute 1:1 coaching session;
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