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The goal of the Financial Intimacy Lounge is to provide you with training and tools that will help you make smarter choices – whether it is a financial decision that will impact your life, or a life decision that will impact your finances.

The content in this library is comprised of the “best of the best,” and it has been curated to help you manage (or get ahead of) the money problems that pop up in the major areas of your life. Sounds lovely right?!

Enjoy what follows and know that new content will be added in the weeks and months to come.

Note: The below webinar and tele-seminar replays have not been edited. Therefore, please disregard any references to time-sensitive offers you may hear as you listen to the sessions.

How to Make Personal Finance…Personal


Got Unmanageable Debt?! (featuring special guest: John Dulworth)


please note: we had a tech snafu at the beginning; to bypass the “adjustment” period, simply move the slider until you hear my voice

Is Stress Blocking Your Wealth – an interview with Colette Ellis


Do You Have the Mindset to Be Debt-Free – an interview with Mindy Crary


Ready to Live a More Fulfilled Life? featuring guest expert Jullien Gordon

Busy Woman’s Guide to Get Her Money Right & Body Tight – featuring guest expert Liz DiAlto



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