When the World Throws you a monkey-wrench

It's Time to Make a
Financial Pivot

Here's How I Can Help
Your Personal and/or Business Finances

Experience peace of mind during (and after) this crisis

A new term has emerged for how we are now living, working and socializing -- it's called the "shut-in" economy. ALL of us are adapting to this new reality. All of us need to recalibrate some aspect, if not all, areas of our lives- not only to help us navigate how we go through this moment in time, but to also help us get ready for what comes after.

And money is on your mind, front and center. COVID-19 is having (or will have) an impact on how you earn, save, invest and spend your money. This is true whether you work as an employee and are concerned about your paycheck or are an entrepreneur/small business owner concerned about stabilizing your revenue. It is true whether you have a lot saved or very little. COVID-19 is influencing the decisions you make today, which will influence your reality in the future.

Recreating, redefining what financial security looks and feels like can feel daunting. So can finding or maintaining your financial resilience. Now more than ever, the questions you ask, the ideas you ponder, the resources you tap need to be done from a space of clarity rather than panic, so you can feel assured you're making the best choices you can -- right now. So that you can have peace of mind during (and after) this crisis.

That's where I come in.

I'm Jacquette M. Timmons

I'm a financial behaviorist who has now experienced three stock market crashes: 1987, 2008, 2020. I have an MBA in finance and have spent more than two decades working exclusively on the human side of money helping smart, curious, driven people from all professions - therapists, doctors, photographers, coaches & strategists, designers, engineers, educators, agency owners, authors, SaaS founders, and lawyers - who work either as entrepreneurs or employees - answer the question: "What should I do with my money?"

With a 75-minute Financial Pivot Session, I can help you answer that question so you can feel confident about the decisions you're making. Especially during this global health & financial crisis.

But first, let's have a brief, complimentary chat so we can become acquainted, talk about what's changed or may change, and discuss what you can expect from your Financial Pivot Session.

Ready to create your new financial reality?

I'd love to help you update your financial game-plan so you can feel confident about the choices you're making (or may have to make).

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