It Takes a Little More Than Courage to Set
Big, Audacious Goals


Do you set goals – sometimes even big, audacious ones?

Of course you do! Doing so explains part of your success to-date.

Yet, if you are like most of my clients, you are likely making one – if not all three – of these common mistakes when it comes to your dreams, desires, and goals:

  • you don’t write them out (which often leads to the next two mistakes)
  • you don’t identify the financial component of each goal
  • you don’t create a financial plan for each goal

When you make any one of these mistakes, let alone all three, you’re not being as strategic, diligent, and proactive with how you manage your money…and your life. You’re not giving each of your goals what they need to thrive.

Therefore, you’re not really living your life to its fullest!

That’s because you either forgot or perhaps never knew…

  • Each of your goals cost you something in terms of time and effort, but those costs are not the same for every goal.
  • Each of your goals cost you some money – money that comes from what you already have. And, every goal you have directly and indirectly drives the decisions you make about your money as well as your behavior with it – sometimes consciously; other times, subconsciously.

When you’re not aware of the “costs” of your goals, you tend to leave money on the table and waste precious time. And, that’s never a good thing!

So, it behooves you to be as smart and strategic as possible and feed your goals what they need: money and a plan – not just your intention and the exercise of goal setting.

That’s why I created, “Feed the Meter: A Simple Guide to Give Your Dreams, Desires and Goals the Money They Need!

This sixteen page guide will take you beyond the exercise of goal setting to a practice I call goal mapping.

Because your goals need more than courage and your intention — they also need your money!

Get Your Guide Now

Goal mapping is a six-stage, step-by-step process that helps you profile each of your goals so that you can create a savings strategy for each goal.

  • When you complete this guide, you’ll stop saying, “I want to save (more).
  • Instead, you’ll develop the practice of stating a specific amount, and creating a plan for how to do that in 1-year, 2-years, 5-years – or however long.
  • When you complete this guide, you’ll stop saying, “I want to get out of debt,” with a sort of resignation that it’ll actually never happen.
  • Instead, you’ll create a target for how much you want to reduce your debt by within 1-year, 2-years, 5-years, etc. This approach is incredibly helpful for 5- and 6-figure student loan debts that often leave you feeling overwhelmed and disempowered, or other debts you want to be gone like yesterday, but in reality cannot.
  • When you complete this guide, you’ll stop saying, “I want to go to (fill in the blank); I want to do (fill in the blank); I want to have (fill in the blank) – someday.”
  • Instead, you’ll transform what currently feels unlikely into a tangible, “this is possible if I do, x, y, z.”
  • When you complete this guide, you’ll say goodbye to keeping your dreams, desires, and goals in your head. You’ll say goodbye to not knowing the financial component of achieving what you want. You’ll say goodbye to not knowing the best way to use the money you have today to create what you want to experience in the future.
  • Instead, you’ll say hello to creating a simple financial plan for every goal you have – or ever will have!

Are you ready to say hello to a fresh perspective on knowing exactly what your goals need from you (beyond your intention)? Are you ready to know without a doubt what choices you need to make about your money to make it happen. If yes, then you’re ready to learn what you need to feed your meter.

And, you can do it for $47

Feed Your Meter...Now!

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