Discover How to Use the Summer Slow Down

to Make Small Shifts & End 2023 Strong

with a 

Half-Day VIP Business & Financial Coaching Session

If nothing about your business changed, would you be on track to hit your year-end goals?

Or, might now be the right time to jump-start a reset?

(Hint: how do you know it’s time for a reset? Look at your revenue, marketing, and operations. Are they all working the way you expected? If not, let’s check in!)

When it comes to my business and finances, I don’t wait until year-end to do a performance review of my business’ financials, operations, marketing, and sales —- and I encourage you to get a headstart too!


Because if something’s off, then it’s too late to do anything about it!

Doing a half-year review is a great way to review and reflect, so you can get clarity about what has happened and possibly why, and have peace of mind about the choices you’ve made and the ones you’ll need to make. 

Plus, it gives you a chance to revise your plans and forecast, so you can gain more sovereignty and momentum – with more time on your side.

Join me for a Half-Day VIP Business and Financial Coaching session and let’s get you that sovereignty and momentum to finish the year strong.

During this session we will take advantage of the “summer slow down” by doing an analysis of what has happened and prepare a customized roadmap for the months ahead.

“Jacquette’s energy and enthusiasm are so infectious. She not only listened to my struggles and fogginess when it comes to aligning personal and professional finances, she also presented an unexpected solution to the process that I was planning. By working on our personal and family financial goals first, I was then able to design and simplify my business services to support them. I cannot imagine doing it the other way around now!”

We’ll do a deep dive into your business by completing four analyses:

  1. A spending analysis to ensure you’re getting the ROI from your business’ expenses.
  2. An investing analysis (no, not into the stock market), but into the operations of your business to identify what is required to strengthen the foundation of your business.
  3. An earnings analysis to assess the gap between where you are relative to where you thought you’d be (or want to be).
  4. This will spark an analysis of your offers and pricing strategy.

We then connect the insight from this business analysis to what it is you want money to do for you, personally!

This Half-Day VIP Business & Financial Coaching session is an immersive 3-hour experience focused solely on you, your business, and your money. We take the wins and lessons from the first half of the year to create a roadmap for the rest of the year.

Ultimately, it is designed to help you make small shifts now that will pave the way to get the RESULTS you need and want.

Price: $3,000


Pre-work: I’ll send you a deep dive questionnaire and the Financial Wheel Framework, and you’ll complete those at least three business days in advance of our half-day together.

Day-of: Our VIP Day begins at either 11am ET or 2pm ET (on a Wednesday or Thursday). We will work in 30-45-minute sprints, completing the aforementioned analyses and finish with a game-plan. Yes, we will take a few small breaks in between. However, please block your calendar for 3.5 hours, so that you have some “white space” on the back-end of our time together.

Implementation Support: A 30-minute post-intensive call to check-in on your takeaways and results to date, to be held within 30-days.

Tangible takeaways: Video and audio recordings of all four segments; workbook, and some swag! 

This Half-Day VIP session is ideal if you:

  • Are short on time and want the benefits of 1:1 coaching, but are not ready for the commitment of a six-month coaching engagement 

  • Want to fast-track results because we are co-creating your game-plan – rather than you waiting for the “perfect”  time to do it on your own

  • Want an outside perspective on your business + personal finances from me – someone with a deep understanding of and background with helping a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate complex financial + business decisions

“I worked with Jacquette at the very beginning of starting a new business (my second one). She helped me distill down my massive brain dump of thoughts and ideas around the business into one niched-down key offer I should be focusing on first to start bringing in income.” – Jenna

About Jacquette

Hey, I’m Jacquette M. Timmons. As a financial behaviorist, with an MBA in Finance, I run a coaching and speaking business that focuses on the human side of money.  And, I am committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money.

Also, I want entrepreneurs to take better care of their personal finances.

I’m a traditionally published author; I host live events; and I speak for Fortune 100 and AM Law 200 companies, nationally known non-profit organizations, and conferences – both large and boutique. My coaching and teaching style helps my clients move through the stages of self-awareness to self-empowerment to personalized action.

You can read more details about my body of work here

But as it relates to the intersection of money, business, and life…

My aha moment came when I had a profitable year, but realized I was actually “broke” – my personal finances didn’t reflect my business’ success.

This was amplified when a client of mine reached that sought after threshold of earning six-figures in her business. But in the same celebratory breath said, “Oh shoot…I don’t have any money! How can this be?”

Recognizing a gap in the business coaching space – the gap of not integrating business and personal finances – I designed my coaching services (whether 1:1, masterclasses, or VIP days) for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to be successful, profitable, and not broke. Not broke financially; not broke energetically; not broke creatively. AKA: the ingredients for building a thriving business and experiencing a thriving life.   

And here’s the not-so-fine print:

A Half-Day VIP Business and Financial Coaching session is a non-refundable investment. It’s a live experience – you and me, one-to-one – focusing our attention and efforts on you and your business. Yes, we use a framework to guide our process, but the particulars are bespoke. Not a pre-packaged or digital product. When we work together, I’m putting everything I have into you — thinking about what’s best for you given the information you’ve shared with me about what’s important to you. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING – everything I’ve learned, everything I know, everything I’ve observed, everything I’ve experienced, everything I am. All. For. You.

If you’re not really sure if this experience is right for you, use this link to schedule a discovery call.

Long story short?

The year’s going by fast, but there’s still time to make some shifts and end 2023 strong.

So if you’re …

– Less than satisfied with your revenue goal…

– Feeling “meh” about your marketing

– Spending a lot of time filling costly “holes” in your operations…

It’s time to take a breath, recalibrate, and then move forward with clarity and confidence.

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