Turn Your Aha's Into Your 2021 Goals

You've done the Financial Wheel exercise, what's next?

Financial Wheel...What's Next?

I'm thinking of running a live workshop to help those who've done the Financial Wheel exercise. HOWEVER, you haven't converted your aha's into a financial game-plan.

I'm using this form to gauge interest. If enough people raise their hand, I'll be back in your inbox with the next steps.

Btw: this workshop is only being offered to those on my email list.

You'll leave the two hour workshop with an action plan, so you can get started on your 2021 financial plans -- NOW!
The price will be $250.

There will be two options: 4pm ET on December 2, or 7pm ET December 16.

Thanks for letting me know! I sure do hope to have the pleasure of working with you in this way.

Would you be interested in a workshop that focused on helping you turn your Financial Wheel aha's into your 2021 goals?

If yes, let me know by sharing your name and email below.

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