Let’s Take On the One Skill You Can’t Outsource…
Talking About Money

Tell me about the money conversation you've been avoiding, and I'll share some suggestions on how to get it started. The more details you share about the context, and the reason you've been avoiding it, the better.

Many thanks!

Talking about money with family members, friends, business colleagues, or clients can be tricky and feel awkward. Many thanks for giving me an opportunity to (hopefully) help make it a bit easier for you. And by helping you, I also end up helping others.

FYI: Depending upon how many replies I get, I may respond to a single submission or several at a time, if I notice a theme. Likewise, my response may be in writing or in the form of a video or audio recording, so if you’re not on my email list, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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