Love & Money

There’s a commonly-held myth that we – as a society – don’t talk about money. I disagree.

We talk about money ALL the time.

But, I don’t believe we have the right conversations about money. In part, because the “real” conversations – the ones that…

  • address the challenges that surface
  • lead to breakthroughs for better communication, and
  • foster a deeper connection and intimacy

…are often awkward to initiate. And then on top of this, you have to actually tackle the details of managing and merging your finances whilst integrating your different approaches to money.

about-jacquetteI’m Jacquette M. Timmons, the author of “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate.” I spend A LOT of time addressing the issues and opportunities that are inherent when it comes to love and money.

I put together this collage of media appearances and media mentions that I hope will help you get (even) better at navigating and negotiating the terrain we call: love and money!

JmT-GMA-Feb2016“Essential Planning Advice for Couples” – I offer my tips for tackling this challenging topic on Good Morning America.

Click here to view the segment.

Media_BBVA“Single? How to Make Yourself Financially Attractive” – I share what you need to know and do to discern if you find someone financially attractive and, by default, what someone will find financially attractive about you.

Click here to read.

Media_Reuters“Couples get separation anxiety over financial planners” – I share various approaches couples can take when it comes to working with financial professionals – do you keep working with your own professional; change to your partners; or hire professionals new to both of you.

Click here to read.

resized_girl on couch_photo-1438979315413-de5df30042a1“Do You and Money Have an Unrequited Thing Going On?” – In an original post by muah, I explore the connection between how the relationship you have with money affects the relationship you and your mate will have with money.

Click here to read.

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