Monthly Q&A Calls

  • How do I know if I am saving enough? If I have debt, should I also save?
  • I want a joint account, but my mate wants to keep separate accounts — which one of us is correct?
  • We share the same values and beliefs about money, but can’t seem to agree on how to manage our cashflow and investment decisions. What do you suggest?
  • I feel completely overwhelmed by my debt! Help!!
  • How do I know if I am making the correct investments; when it is better to follow a DIY approach or hire a professional; and how do I choose a financial advisor?
  • I’m good at what I do…I just suck at managing my money.

These are just a few of the questions and sentiments I hear from workshop and conference attendees, coaching clients, and readers of Financial Profundities (our newsletter) and our blog. I bet you can relate to the above, and I bet you have questions of your own!

To address common (and not so common) questions about almost every aspect of money you can imagine, I now host free monthly Q&A calls. You ask; I answer…hopefully. If a question is raised that neither I nor another person on the call can answer, I simply ask that you allow us to table the discussion until the next month. Deal?

So, if you have a money question or want to hear what is on the hearts and minds of your peers (frequently, we are all dealing with the same concerns), join us on the third Monday of each month. I can’t wait to hear your question/s!

A Q&A call is a great way to deepen your relationship with money…plus, it is a perfect outlet for promoting a “new way of talking about mon ey.”

Click here to sign up for the call reminders. If you are unable to attend the call in person, I will send a recording a day or two after the call to those on the sign-up list.

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