Module: It’s Emotional, Baby!

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Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Gardere -an analytical, action-oriented and caring therapist, aka “America’s psychologist:”

Take Action Now:

  • What did you learn from my interview with Dr. Jeff?
  • What do you think about Dr. Jeff’s take on what’s make a difference in a healthy relationship in the 21st century?
  • Do you feel “seen” in your relationship; do you feel you truly “see” your partner?
  • Are you experiencing any emotional “leaks” that are revealing themselves in your finances; are you experiencing any financial “leaks” that are masking an emotional issue you need to address?
  • After listening to this interview, what three (3) actions/decisions are you going to take/make create your ideal, collective money story?

Dr. Jeff’s website:

Dr. Jeff as the wellness director for Philip Stein watches:

Interview with Bari Tessler Linden -financial therapist, mentor coach, mama, and chocolate who teaches people how to build bridges between money, body, mind and spirit.

Take Action Now:

  • Can you recall the first time your body gave you a clue about your financial choices/decisions? Was it a feeling that made you say, “yeah, this choice feels right?” Or, did you feel instead tense and scared?
  • How often do you “think” on paper rather than just simply in your head?
  • When you hear the word “values,” what comes to mind? In your heart of hearts, are you earning, saving, investing and spending your money in accordance with your values?
  • Do you feel comfortable scenario planning?
  • What do you do well – what do you feel good about – when it comes to your money?

Bari Tessler Linden’s website:

PDFs + Worksheets

What’s Your Money Story – Download here.

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