Module: Oh Baby, We Have a Plan & a Map, Part A

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Interview with Alexia Vernon – leadership & high-impact communications expert, branded by the White House as “Moxie Maven:”

Take Action Now:

  • What came up for you as you were listening to my conversation with Alexia?
  • How comfortable are you with silence?
  • What are some ways you could practice being more present when you communicate – aka you’re not time traveling to the past & future?
  • Do you communicate with your head (read: think) or your heart (read: feel)? Do you know whether your partner communicates more with his/her head or heart?
  • Of the four style’s Alexia shared/described, how would you describe your communication style? What is your mate’s? How would they describe your communication style?
  • How often do you make yourself a priority?
  • What’s one thing you are committed to doing to improve how you communicate, and to make talking about money more playful?

Alexia Vernon’s website:

Recommended books:

“Five Languages of Love” – Dr. Gary Chapman

Interview with Dr. Darnise Martin – scholar, author, speaker, and life transformation coach who believes “success is a spiritual thing:”

Take Action Now:

  • Were you aware of the concept of money archetypes prior to listening to my conversation with Darnise?
  • What surfaced for you in terms of your deepest beliefs about money? How does that show up in terms of your habits? What patterns do you see between what you’ve just recalled (hopefully on paper) and the numbers in your life — your earnings, how much you have saved; how you approach investing; what you choose to spend your money on?
  • How do you feel about capitalism and how does it impact your relationship to money and the relationship you have with your mate in the realm of money?
  • Did you take the money archetype assessment? What are your dominant archetypes? What about your mates – what is his or her archetype?

Dr. Darnise Martin’s website:

PDFs + Worksheets

What’s your Money Archetype – Download here.

What if You Don’t Know What You’re Missing?” – the post I referenced during my conversation with Darnise.

For an interpretation of your money archetype results, please reach out to Dr. Darnise Martin; her phone number is 424.261.0403. (She’s on the West Coast, so be mindful of the time difference.)

Up next…Module – How to Keep the Fire Burning


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