Module: Let’s Get Real About the Dollars & Cents

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Interview with Richard Levychin, CPA, CGMA

Take Action Now:

Or, if you use Quicken or Mint or another financial software, press a button to generate a year-to-date “picture” in all three areas

  • Pull your most recent tax return and compare the data collected above to your latest return; how are you doing?
    • Given the above, what insight do you glean about your behavior, choices, discipline, values and goals; what changes do you need or want to make to bring the “reality” of your numbers more in alignment with your dreams, goals, and aspirations?
    • Given the above, do you feel like your are driving the financial bus? Or, are the numbers happening to you?
  • How do you normally prepare for the tax season – are you prepared well in advance, scrambling to pull all your information together, or somewhere in between? Are you snag or is your mate? If the latter, does this aggravate you?
  • Are you and your partner comfortable disclosing information to your CPA (or other financial professional on your team) in the presence of each other?
  • What is one major takeaway for you from this interview?

Richard Levychin’s website:

important note: on June 26, 2013 – the day after I interviewed Richard Levychin – the United States Supreme Court declared DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) as unconstitutional.

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