What Should I Do With My Money?

It’s a question we all have. And, it’s perpetual – with answers that change as your circumstances and stage in life change.

But if you are a new (or somewhat new) graduate, it is likely top of mind – wondering what to do, when, and how as you shift from student life to post-academic life, into your young professional career.

Searching for answers to your questions may feel a little overwhelming and maybe a bit daunting.

I want to make this period of transition easier for you. I want you to feel confident about the financial decisions and choices you’re making.

That’s why created this multi-media experience. “Pearls of Financial Wisdom for College Graduates: Advice, Inspiration & Tools is designed to help you dive into your post academic life with optimism and courage about what to do with your money!

Because whenever you have the question, “What Should I Do With My Money?,” you will now have resources you can tap into to help you come up with the best possible answer – at every single stage of your life and professional career. Together, let’s make your financial foundation strong(er)!

Here’s What You Get

  • Financial Wheel Exercise & eCourse so you can create your financial vision and give your money direction
  • “Feed the Meter” – a workbook to help you save for your goals
  • Spreadsheet templates to help you track income and expenses, create a budget, manage cashflow, and payoff debt
  • Mutual Fund Criteria Checklist & Tutorial to help you manage your 401k
  • The “Pearls of Wisdom” podcast episode & transcript
  • A resource list of apps & other tools to help with the logistics + emotions of managing life + money
  • New mindset and habit practices to help raise your financial and emotional IQ

The Price is $150

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