Enhancing your workshop experience starts now…

Hello! I’m Jacquette M. Timmons, a financial behaviorist, creator of Pricing Made Human®, and the author of “Financial Intimacy.” And I am SO excited about our time together on Friday, October 29th – as part of the firm’s Diversity Retreat.

We’ll have fun (I promise!) talking about money, goals, circumstances and life with the aim of helping you create (or refine) an individualized financial framework and game-plan – one that reflects your money style, strengths and personality.

Completing this questionnaire before-hand will enhance your engagement at the live-event, because it will help you “filter” how you digest the information, insight, and tools we’ll discuss.

Look forward to meeting you!

Seyfarth: Pre-Workshop

  • If you'd like an email copy of your answers for reference during the workshop please provide your preferred email. PLEASE NOTE: Your email will *not* be added to an email list. Plus, your responses will *not* be shared with your employer.
  • Many thanks!

    Many thanks for answering the above questions. Enhancing your workshop experience is important to me, and it helps when I know a little bit about your current habits and what's important to you. So, thank you! Looking forward to our time together on (Friday, October 29) and the chance it'll give me to help you make better, smarter moves with your money.

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