speakingJacquette M. Timmons delivers engaging, aha-inducing, and fun presentations about the emotions of money so that her audience can manage their money in a way that complements their money strengths, money style and money personality. She is well known for her ability to integrate the psychology + emotions of money with the numbers. She does this in a compelling, vibrant and thought-provoking manner – one that challenges the traditional approach to personal finance. The traditional approach tends to focus on increasing your technical knowledge – rationalizing that if you learn a particular how-to all will be fine. This is typically far too generic and boring and not of much value. When Jacquette speaks, her untraditional keynotes and workshops breathe new life into how you relate to money and make your financial decisions. Her fully interactive presentations are intellectually-stimulating, results-oriented, and behavior-focused.  Whether she is speaking to a small group or a few thousand, you can count on Jacquette to create an environment that is intimate, non-judgmental, supportive and fun.
Jacquette’s signature talks are:
“Passing on Wealth: It’s Not About Death; It’s About Life”
“Financial Success Doesn’t Start in Your Wallet…”
“Debt: It’s Not (Just) a Financial Problem
(To learn more about each, please see below.) She will also happily custom-design a presentation for you and your audience.

“Passing on Wealth: It’s Not About Death; It’s About Life”

Every family experiences death, but not every family gets the gift of being able to grieve unencumbered by any financial unknowns or unresolved financial matters. Because of her mother’s foresight, discipline and desire to plan ahead, Jacquette received that gift. In this keynote, she highlights what families can do to get ‘passing along wealth’ right and why it is critical to do so, weaving in her own personal story and experience. In this keynote, you’ll:
  • Discover what people often get wrong about money, wealth and, in particular, generational wealth
  • Identify the choices you need to make to help you and your family focus, face your fears, and create a legacy by design
  • Learn about the relationship between current employment and economic trends, financial stress, and estate planning and how these factors contribute to the latest research results that say only 50% of Whites, 33% of Blacks and 25% of Latinos have Wills
Click here to see Jacquette speak.

“Financial Success Doesn’t Start in Your Wallet…”

At times, managing money can feel difficult, overwhelming and leave you wondering if you’re doing it “right.” When you question your knowledge and ability to manage money well, you tend to feel like it controls you and your options – instead of the other way around. It may seem counter-intuitive, but to feel more savvy and confident about how you manage money your approach can’t just focus on the dollars and cents. Why? Because money is emotional. In this keynote (or workshop), you’ll:
  • Learn a simple, practical and profound framework to manage the emotions of money
  • Discover how to rely less on information & more on insight to make your decisions
  • Discover your money strengths, money style and money personality – the key to making personal finance, personal
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“Debt: It’s Not (Just) a Financial Problem”

Worrying about money is a silent epidemic afflicting approximately 30 million U.S. workers, and costing employers about $15,000 per year per employee. For most employees, this worry is over unmanageable debt. Your employees’ debt is your business problem in terms of productivity, distractions, absences, and turnover. This workshop is designed to help your debt-strapped employees create an action-plan to reduce and eliminate their debt. It will also help you boost your bottom line and enhance your employee well-being efforts. In this workshop, you’ll:
  • Discover if you have an earnings problem, a spending problem or both (this helps to ensure you’re fixing the right problem!)
  • Figure out how to manage your money so that you can both pay down your debt AND save – regardless of the size of your debt
  • Learn a counter-intuitive tactic that will help to personalize your debt management + reduction strategy
Jacquette is available for single day or multi-day events for conferences or private company events. To book her as a keynote speaker or workshop presenter; panelist or panel moderator, please complete this form.
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