Here’s what I wish every entrepreneur and small business owners fully embraced: 

Every business problem is an opportunity in disguise.


While fixing a business problem is about your business, it’s also not just about your business.

Likewise, in whatever way a business problem manifests, there is typically a business & personal financial component to it. 

I don’t know your business (yet!), but maybe…

  • You can’t seem to move beyond struggling and living client to client. (At first blush, you might deem this to be a sales and pipeline problem, but maybe it’s a messaging problem.)
  • You can’t grow your market or penetrate a new one as deeply as you’d like – and you know it’s possible based on what you see others doing. (At first blush, you might believe your messaging is missing the mark, but maybe you need to tweak your business model – aka, how you deliver your products/services.)
  • You’ve come face-to-face with the awareness that the reason you’re under-earning is because you’re under-charging. (At first blush, this looks like a pricing problem and you think charging more will do the trick. But, maybe you need to examine your relationship with money.)
  • You realize that while your business is actually on solid financial footing, you are stuck and your future growth is stuntedYou’re successful, profitable and cashflow positive. (So, at first blush, what could be wrong? But maybe you forgot that with each new level of success there is a need to navigate and negotiate new financial, emotional and (perhaps) spiritual responsibilities that come with your success.)


Having a business problem isn’t the issue.  All businesses, regardless of its size, have some type of problem they are managing – whether you measure their size by revenue, number of team members, number of years in business, or scope of impact. A problem represents a gap, and there is always some gap you’re trying to close.  In fact, one could say that problem solving is your job!  You do it for your clients and customers via your products and services.  You do it for your business vis a vis the decision and choices you make and actions you take to grow it to the next level (whatever that may mean for you).

Fixing a business problem requires recognizing it has two components: the problem you can see and the one you can’t.

Fixing the business problem you can see usually requires making changes in your business.  Fixing the business problem you cannot see usually requires making changes regarding how you relate to and work on your business. Especially when it comes to money’s direct or indirect role in the problem.

Recognizing and embracing the many layers of a business problem is the difference between a business that is financially successful, makes an impact, more than sustains you personally, and has you feeling excited, proud and on top of the world…

…and one that leaves you feeling anxious, drained and flummoxed by your specific problem wondering, “What am I doing wrong?”

Her business has grown beyond her wildest dreams. She’s earning revenue in the millions and pays her employees well. But…she doesn’t pay herself more than the bare minimum to get by.

His business is making money. Yet, every move he makes to take it to the next level seems to be thwarted – sometimes because of the timing of his own missteps; at others due to external factors outside his control.

After working in her field for eighteen years, she decided to strike out on her own. She wants to change her industry – and do work on her own terms. Two years in, the business she has is not the one she thought she’d have. Nor is she living the lifestyle she envisioned. 

Does any of this sound and/or feel familiar?
If not the exact details, then the sentiment?

Understandably so, they are wondering what are the right moves and decisions to make.

Getting stuff “right” is important to them – in life, in business and with money. It’s in their DNA.

I suspect the same is true when it comes to you and your business. And as regards money.

I ask because I suspect you are like other entrepreneurs and small business owners with whom I’ve worked. Folks who are at various stages in their journey; folks with businesses revenues ranging from five to seven figures; folks who are a team of one and others who have a team of up to ten.

Each of them are innovators.

Each of them is doing work that changes lives – others’ lives as well as their own and the people they care about.

Each of them has an insatiable appetite for curiosity.

And, each of them came to me because they were unable to solve the problem they could see.
Which prompted the question: “What am I doing wrong?”

For Type-A personalities like most of my clients, getting stuff “right” is important to them – in life, in business, and with money. It’s in their nature.

And since you’ve read this far, I suspect the same is true for you, too!

Here’s what that also likely means: The problem you’re working on in your business is probably the one you can see.

So, you focus your attention and subsequent actions (rightfully so) on that – whether it’s your business model: the products and services you offer; your messaging; your sales process; and/or your pricing. 

That’s smart…it’s a good place to start.

After all, isn’t focusing on the business problem you can see the most natural thing to do?!


And yet…

This perspective is limited in scope when it comes to discovering the answers to the questions, “What’s the real problem?” or “What am I doing wrong?” or “Am I making the right moves and decisions?

It’s limited in scope when it comes to developing and implementing sustainable solutions based on the answers you uncover.

Because remember, behind the problem you can see is the problem you can’t! 

Unless you go looking for it. 

That’s why I wished more entrepreneurs and small business owners would embrace the idea that fixing a business problem is not just about your business.

To discover the problem you cannot see, it’s useful to take a 360 degree look at yourself, your money, your business, and the people you serve.

This 360 degree look is what I do to help my clients who are entrepreneurs and small business owners “get it right” – whatever “right” may mean to and for them and their business. How? By solving the problem behind the problem. 

By helping my clients adopt a 360 degree perspective, they go from feeling anxious, drained, uncertain and stuck to feeling excited, confident, proud and on top of the world!

They come to view their business problem (however it is currently manifesting) not as a roadblock that is in their way, but as a bridge to the future they want. 

The problem becomes the unlikely pathway forward to having a stronger, more sustainable business, to being an even more effective leader, and to discovering another level of strength, courage and resilience.

When it comes to starting, running and growing a business, taking a 360 degree perspective to look at the visible and search for the invisible problem, too, is not what many of us were taught. 

And, we certainly weren’t told that one of the best business decisions you can make is to prioritize your personal finance goals, too

The usual message is: give your business everything you have – including your future.

I’m here to interrupt that messaging and the pattern of behavior it fosters amongst entrepreneurs and small business owners. Because I, too, am an entrepreneur…since 1995.

I’m Jacquette M. Timmons. As a financial behaviorist, I run a coaching and speaking business that focuses on the human side of money.  And, I am committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money – you manage your choices around money.

Also, I want entrepreneurs to take better care of their personal finances.

I’m a traditionally published author; I host live events; I’m podcast host; and I speak for Fortune 100 and AM Law 200 companies, and nationally known non-profit organizations. And, I provide business + financial coaching. 

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of business, with 0-10 team members/employees – past and current clients include therapists, doctors, photographers, coaches & strategists, designers, engineers, lawyers, educators, agency owners, authors, startup founders and an investment firm CEO.

The facts, challenges, problems, desires and opportunities of each business with which I work are as varied as the people behind them. And I am just as passionate about helping my clients have a thriving business as I am about the financial health of the person behind the business!! This combo is my goal. 

My coaching and teaching style helps my clients move through the stages of self-awareness to self-empowerment to personalized action. When I work 1:1 with you, it’s a chance to really dive deep and set you up to be “Successful, Profitable…and Not Broke!”

Let’s talk if you want a:  

  • Business model that supports your business AND your personal life
  • Sales process that matches your personality, style and strengths
  • Simple framework that can be utilized each time a service/product is created or updated – which fosters confidence about pricing and the process used to get there
  • Framework designed to ensure you have a stronger personal financial foundation because you have a strong business financial foundation
  • Messaging framework to ensure you’re emotionally connecting with those you want to serve and for whom you do your best work

Let’s talk if you want to:

  • Unmask a problem you may not be aware of – especially if your business is doing “well
  • Learn the reasons for some of your money blocks, how they lead to pricing blocks, and what to do to move beyond them
  • Discover how the relationship you have with yourself and others show up in the relationship you have with your business and your money

When I work with clients, the business and financial coaching engagement is six (6) months – or twelve (12) calls, scheduled twice a month. This is how we create your custom-designed game-plan using a “building block” approach. This is also how we create the space to experiment, implement and get feedback. 

We use a combination of proprietary and non-proprietary tools to discover patterns of behavior; to dissect and reconnect the pieces of puzzle; to make blind spots more visible; to create systems to support you; and to guide our discussions and experiments.

If you are ready to have a thought-partner work alongside you to ensure your business model, sales process and pricing strategy set you up to not only have a thriving business – but one that also supports your personal finance goals, too, let’s explore if working together is a right fit for you and your business. 

It starts with a 30-minute complimentary discovery call. 

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