I thank you for sharing your gifts and grace with so many people. Because of your very pragmatic and compassionate advice, I AM NOT BROKE!!!!

-Monique Fortuné, Educator and Media Consultant

I was $10,000 in debt with no savings when I first took Jacquette’s seminar. She gave me the tools I needed, mainly solid daily goal-setting and planning, to get my finances straight. With her enlightening advice, I crawled out of debt on a timely schedule. It took two years but I stayed right on target. I also put $700 in a savings account within six months, and that helped me sleep better at night. I am self-employed, so I already had a SEP account, but Jacquette helped me prioritize funding it. I’m married now, so my financial situation has changed. I credit Jacquette with getting me on track and helping me be financially successful and more secure when I was single and supporting myself in New York City.

– Kristen Kemp, freelance writer/ author

“Dealing with my personal finances used to be like meeting my maker – very daunting! Consequently, I always seemed to owe something, never had substantial savings and was just plain stressed out about it all. Jacquetteís friendly, common sense approach helped me to erase the fear factor and take charge of money matters. She encouraged patience and consistency as I worked to correct financial flaws. Moreover she helped me realize my worth as a freelancer, which is an invaluable tool when negotiating pay for the projects I take on.

– Julia Chance, journalist, author

Before working with Jacquette, my relationship to money was laced with fear and self-doubt. After our sessions– which ranged from pragmatic strategies for choosing investments and managing daily spending on a fixed income to releasing old habits and identifying blocks to my own abundance– I realized that everything I earn, give, and receive is an opportunity through which I can express my deepest values and my spirit’s purpose. Thank you, Jacquette, for understanding the complexity of human relationships to money.

– Rise Wilson, founder The Laundromat Project

Jacquette Timmons rocks! Her thoughtful, kind and sage advice regarding how to manage my time and my value with myself and with those I work with and for was invaluable to me this past year. I’ve seen tangible results that directly reflect her counsel.

– Catherine Orenstein, Cultural Critic, Writer

This module was EXCELLENT! Well-organized, supported, and delivered. I am super impressed with her ability to link together philosophical concepts with practical applications specific to money management and money growth. What eloquence, too!

– Michelle Riu, Performing Artist

Working with Jacquette was a therapeutic experience that has transformed the way I relate to money. For as long as I can remember, I have operated from a deficit model; always hustling from one paycheck to the next. It was through my work with Jacquette that I was able to recognize how this spirit of lack was hindering my ability to walk in all that God had for me. She taught me how to name what it is that I wanted and call it into being. In turn, I was able to realize dreams that I thought were 5 plus years away in just a few months. I now walk boldly in the spirit of abundance, open to receive all that God will bless me with.

– Takema Robinson

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