The Workshops

Financial Intimacy: The Workshop

An interactive, exercise-based, and results-oriented discussion that combines elements of our signature workshop, “Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly™, with principles of the book. You will learn:

  •    The power of focusing on your behavior with money and understanding why you make the choices you make
  •    The 7 essential money-management tips that are critical to taking control of your money, rather than money controlling your choices
  •    How to live by design rather than by default, by rewriting your money story
  •    How to manage the intersection of work/money and, thus, life/money

Financial Intimacy: The Workshop is a 90-minute experience.

Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly™

A three-part workshop series that teaches you how to invest and manage an investment portfolio of mutual funds and/or stocks. It consists of three modules: Getting to Know My Money Story (required); Understanding My “Real” Balance Sheet (optional); and Knowing Why I Invest…& How To (optional). You will learn:

  •   How to tailor financial information & tools to your needs
  •   How to create a personal income statement, balance sheet, and cash-flow statement and what to do with the information revealed
  •   What to look for when analyzing stocks and mutual funds & how to build a “personalized” investment portfolio

Note: We present any combination of the modules, but we never present the 2nd or 3rd without first presenting the 1st.

Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly™ is an experience tailored to meet the format (single-day or multi-day) and length of time needs and requirements of the sponsoring client.


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