There are six key conversations you & your beloved need to have


Join me on Wednesday, August 31st at 8pm ET for a free webinar designed to help you navigate and negotiate the terrain we call: love and money.

During our time together, we’ll go through the six key conversations you need to have if you’re moving in together or getting married. Especially if…

  • you want to be in sync so you can move in the same direction, at the same pace regarding your money choices and decisions
  • you want to talk and listen more and argue less about your money differences so you can experience more harmony
  • you want to identify your blind spots and areas of resistance so can get unstuck and meet the challenges that surface when circumstances change – with ease, grace and humor.

In other words, you won’t be that couple that confuses moving in together or planning and paying for a wedding with talking about your financial lives post the big date.

Instead, you’ll be the couple your friends and family look to with envy because you found (and know how to maintain) your “love and money groove!”

If you’re getting married (or moving in together) and having a strong, solid love and money connection is something you wish to experience (or perhaps more of), enter your name and email below to join me on Wednesday, August 31st at 8pm ET.

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