Earlier this month, Alexia, the brainchild behind Awaken Your Careerpreneur, wrote a thought-provoking post – “I’m Sorry, and Here’s Why.” In it, she talked about our cultural tendency to say, “I’m sorry,” as if on autopilot – without much regard for explaining what exactly it is for which we are sorry. She then offered a few tips as she encouraged us to either come up with alternatives to ‘I’m sorry’ or to be explicit when we say it.

I know that as a result of reading her piece, I have been more aware of the times when I automatically say, “I’m sorry,” and I’ve been practicing being clearer about what it is I am asking forgiveness for when I say those three words to people close to me. A side benefit: It is helping to raise my consciousness, which is helping me be more present and aware. Continue Reading »

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