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I am thrilled that you’re interested in working with me. Here are ways I might be able to turn around your experience with money so that it is working more for you — wouldn’t that be cool?!

For Corporations & Non-Profits

Corporations and non-profit organizations employ some people who have financial problems – problems that can sometimes cause financial stress. According to a study released by Alliant, “at least 15% of U.S. workers currently experience so much stress from financial worry and ill-advised financial behavior that it negatively impacts their productivity.” Financially stressed people are:

  • distracted and less focused
  • less productive
  • less happy (which affects their ability to be a fully-participating team member)
  • less able to give & be their best

The negative ripple effect when your employees are mentally and emotionally consumed by their financial woes is insidious and it can potentially affect your bottom line.

What to do? Provide your employees (or the constituents you serve) with independent, objective, unbiased financial education designed to meet your staff (and constituents) where they are are, while simultaneously stretching their knowledge and know-how.

To book Jacquette M. Timmons to present, “You + Money: How to Master the Ultimate Relationship,” or to have her create a custom-designed on-site financial coaching program, please complete this form.

Speaking and Education

The things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them. – Aristotle

Every opportunity to speak about the intersection of money and life is a chance to help people change their behavior with and around money. I speak in front of groups large and small, and whether I am commissioned to present a workshop; give a plenary speech; or participate in a panel discussion, I don’t just give out information. I use each of these platforms to focus on helping people like transform general information into meaningful knowledge and practical next steps.

For corporate training programs and non-profit leadership training initiatives please call: 212.807.9599.

Financial Coaching

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Financial coaching may be relatively new as a professional discipline, but the issues addressed are not. The intersection of human behavior and money is as old as day (as the adage says). And, it is an intersection that is complex, sometimes mysterious, frequently misunderstood and definitely nuanced.

Do you want to experience enhanced thinking and decision-making; increased self-awareness and financial productivity; do you want a framework for managing your choices (Guess what? You don’t actually manage money!)?

I love working with individuals who are ready to make better choices, feel more confident and have more control over the ways in which money impacts their lives. Is that you? If so, I have two coaching options for you: Financial Jam Session and Beyond the Numbers. Click here to learn more

Group Coaching Programs
I also love working with groups of proactive people who appreciate the perspective of community and enjoy collaborative, circular learning. Some of our programs are self-study; others I facilitate; some are a combo. Regardless of format design, they are all designed by me with the goal of helping you address a specific challenge and experience specific results.


What the Hell Should I Do With My 401(k) – the name really says it all! If you have a retirement plan and are trying to make sense of the investment options given to you by your employer, this is for you! It can also easily help you manage & select mutual funds outside a retirement account as well.
Click here to get going.


Out of the Red, Back to Black: Overcome the Shame, Overwhelm & Stress of Debt – this four-part program is designed to help you manage the mindset & money aspect of debt so that you control how you experience debt – rather than having debt control how you experience life.
Click here for the free training video – How to Take ‘It Sucks’ Out of Debt

Love + Money

Master the Language of Love + Money: Learn How to Get the Strategy & Communication Right for the Lifestyle You and Your Honey Desire – this 3-month, virtual program for couples of all stripes (straight or gay, married or unmarried) is designed to help couples create and foster emotional & financial security. It launches in September 2013.

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