Why Most Money Advice Is Not
Helping You Make More Money

In today’s guest post, Leesa Renee Hall – of faithfullyrich.com – raises an important question: Is your money tempo sabotaging your financial growth and success? (Oh, how I love a music analogy!) Read on and then share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

I started playing the piano when I was 8-years old. My piano teacher was a petite woman with a thick Eastern European accent. And she was exceptionally harsh.

To help me understand how fast or slow to play a song, my piano teacher used a device called a metronome. It’s placed on top of the piano and when it’s turned on, a small silver arm swings from side to side making a tick-tock sound.

Whenever my piano teacher wanted me to stay on beat, she’d turn on the metronome and set it to the desired tempo. If I didn’t play on the same tempo as the tick-tocking metronome, my piano teacher would smack my knuckles with her hand and yell “Again!” So I had to start from the beginning of the song and try my best to stay on tempo.

My mother wasn’t happy with the piano teacher’s style and stopped the lessons and I continued to teach myself music. I taught myself to play with 2 hands instead of just one. I taught myself to play more complicated arrangements. Eventually, I taught myself to play the organ, an instrument that keeps both hands and both feet very busy. Today, not only do I compose songs, but I also play the organ for a church with 500 members.

In all my years playing and composing music, there’s a tempo I love. I try to compose songs in this tempo because it’s the one I’m comfortable with. At church, if the hymn has a faster tempo, I stop playing the foot pedals and just play the song with one hand. I’ll end up sabotaging the sound of the song just so I could stay in my “comfort tempo.”

This concept shows up in your money as well…

There’s an amount of money you’re comfortable earning. I call this your “money tempo.” Every 30-days, money comes into your hands and you’re comfortable with that amount. As long as that amount stays within your current money tempo, you’re happy.

But let’s just say you get more money. Hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands more. Maybe you received a tax refund. Or an inheritance. Perhaps you received some money for your birthday or a quarter-end bonus from work. Or maybe, you had 5 new clients in your business.

Instead of being happy with the increase, you’ll sabotage the new amount. Yup, you read that right. You’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of the excess. The money that flowed in came too fast and it violated your current money tempo – the amount you’re unconsciously composed to make month-after-month, year-after-year.

That’s why all the money advice in the world won’t change your financial situation. Someone can tell you to invest in this or put your money in that and as soon as you get an increase, you panic.

Your current money tempo represents your past money situation…

First, you need to reset your money tempo and prepare your mind for the new amount you’re designed to make. When you reset your money tempo, any excess amount that flows into your hands will be treated with the utmost respect. Instead of doing whatever you can to get rid of it, you’ll embrace the new amount as part of your new money tempo.

You’ll find that when you reset your money tempo, you’ll experience your own pay raise each month. In other words, if you’ve been earning the same amount of money each month, your new money tempo expects – and will attract – more. Because your mindset has drastically shifted, the money has to shift as well.


My takeaway from Leesa Renee is the reminder that to have more, you have to increase your capacity to handle more! What’s your takeaway?

About our guest blogger

leesa-speaking-150x200Leesa Renee Hall, otherwise known as the Faithfully Rich Mentor, is an award-winning money coach. She is passionate about helping women of faith transform their relationship with money while putting God first. Leesa is a sought after international speaker and uses anecdotes and humour to motivate her audience into changing their mindset and creating new habits around their money. Leesa’s tips have appeared in media such as Profit Magazine, The Globe & Mail, Inc. Magazine to name a few and is the author of the forthcoming title 21 Prayers for Money Miracles. Visit www.faithfullyrich.com/innercircle to find out more about Leesa’s mentoring program.


p.s. did today’s guest post cause you to go, “hmmm?” If so, what came to mind? What you share in the comment section (link above) just may help someone else identify how they are self-sabotaging their financial growth and success AND help them unleash their financial power in the process!

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