Whew…you read pass the looong headline line!

Estate planning. It’s often considered boring, scary, the “thing” to avoid, or just perceived to “not be for me.”

So, that you’ve read this far is a win. And, I’m glad. 

Because it’s time for us to have “that” delicate conversation, and in the process bust some estate planning myths and make certain you have some important facts.

Diss the myths

Estate planning isn’t just for the rich. If you have $2 dollars to rub together, you need an estate plan.

Estate planning isn’t just about death. Although that can clearly be what triggers the fulfillment of your wishes. But so can a prolonged illness that leaves you less-able or disabled.

Estate planning is hard.Yes, it isn’t emotionally easy. It is uncomfortable, asks you to wrestle with all sorts of fears, and “forces” you to confront mortality, less-ability, and disability – including your own – in ways that often surprise you.

But what I’ve come to understand and personally embrace is that estate planning is really an act of love.

It’s how you have the last word – your way. It’s how you express your love to those near and dear. It’s how you control what happens to the possessions that are important to you and how you share the money you leave behind – even if it is just $2! It’s also how you control the quality of your care if you experience a prolonged illness. Viewed in this light and estate planning becomes a no-brainer.

Know the facts

However, let’s face it: estate planning can also be downright confusing!

Heck, I work in financial services and learned things I didn’t know I didn’t know as my mother and I put together our family’s estate plan.

This is one of the many reasons, I’m excited about the focus of April’s Financial Intimacy Hour. Register here.

My guest is Lori Anne Douglass, Esq. – partner at Moses & Singer and head of the firm’s Trust and Estates group and Matrimonial and Family Practice. I couldn’t think of a better person to help us push through the emotional blocks of estate planning and help you and me get our heads out of the proverbial sand, take action and be powerful in a realm that can often render us feeble if caught off-guard or ill-prepared.

Yes, we’ll cover the basics and make sure you’re prepared with definitions of key terms.

But lest you think this is going to be a “traditional” estate planning conversation – think again.

First, there’s Lori Anne’s personality. “Boring” is just not a word you’d associate with her. That’s just not how she rolls. You’ll see 🙂 But here’s a clue: she’s working on a book, “How to Raise a Child You Love With a Person You Hate.”

Second, we’re going to tackle this 21st century style. Meaning: deal with modern-family dynamics of estate planning courtesy of modern-day realities. Like: 

  • 40.8 percent of children are now born to a single parent;
  • Over 50 percent of U.S. households are now headed by a single individual;
  • Non-traditional partnerships are increasing in number;
  • Marriages involving a non-U.S. citizen are  increasing;
  • 16.1 percent of U.S. households are now multi-generational, almost as high as in 1940;
  • 78 percent of middle-aged adults believe that they’ll be responsible for caring for an aging family member.

The above stats are an abbreviated list of factors courtesy of research from the Pew Research Center.

Add to this the Supreme Court’s ruling to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and the fact that estate planning is critical for and affects women more profoundly then men, you see we have the makings for a full-bodied, colorful, and creative conversation about life.

And, more specifically, how to use a tool that can ensure you have the last word (literally and figuratively) – your way.

Join Lori Anne Douglass and me next Wednesday, 30 April at 8pm EDT for this month’s Financial Intimacy Hour.

Let us help you push through the unease if that’s your issue, or lack of awareness if that’s your challenge, and help you address the financial + legal matters that constitute estate planning.

We want to make sure you have what you need to do estate planning right, have peace of mind, and show your love.

Click here to register for this free event.

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