Some would say the holidays are the absolute worst time to discuss money.


This is actually the best time, if you do it right. And by right, I mean make it fun and meaningful.

That’s why I asked: Do you like to play (money) games?

But first things first: whether it’s between couples or family members or good friends, talking about money can be awkward at times. There’s no skirting that. So, it’s time to embrace a little bit of awkwardness.

A game with some mystery can help you with that!

The format for this game was inspired by a friend and her description of what her family did during the Thanksgiving holiday around the theme of gratitude. As for the questions – that’s all me.

Before we get to the questions, here’s what you’ll need and the instructions for playing…

What you’ll need for the game

  • TV = off
  • Music of choice = on
  • Empty punch bowl (a large envelope or box will do, too)
  • 3×5 Index cards (or copy/printer paper torn in quarters)
  • Pens/pencils

How to Play

  • Each person is to answer EACH question on a separate index card or paper. Once you’ve answered the question, fold the card (or paper) in half, and place it in the bowl (or envelope or box) – unsigned! (This is where the mystery comes into play – pun intended).
  • Each person is to place their six (6) cards in the holder.
  • Mix up the cards – give the bowl, envelope, or box a really good shake.
  • Decide who will go first and have that person pull from the holder a folded index card (or paper); that person is to read the question and the answer and needs to guess who in the room the card belongs to – who wrote what you are reading. (If s/he pulls their own card – set it aside, pull again, and place it back in the holder for the next round.)
  • Do the above step until each person in the room has had a chance to “play” and until all the questions are answered/all cards are removed.

The Questions

  • What is your biggest financial success to date?
  • What is your biggest financial mistake to date?
  • What was your biggest financial success in 2013?
  • What was your biggest financial mistake in 2013?
  • What financial outcome would you be most proud to achieve in 2014?
  • What help do you need to make it happen?

What is wonderful about these questions is that you’ll likely a) discover something about a family member (or close friend) you didn’t know, and b) have an assumption you’ve been making about a family member (or close friend) challenged.

The result: This opens the door for you to learn more about each other and to choose with more intention how you’ll help each other achieve your goals and dreams.

After the (Money) Game

  • Toast yourselves for doing what many families would avoid.
  • Make sure no one leaves the circle without at least ONE accountability partner to help them with their 2014 financial outcome.

So there you have it – one game, six questions – a combination that may definitely have you laughing; you may even cry. But this is how you shift the dynamics and make talking about money during the holidays fun + meaningful. This is how you make financial intimacy a family affair! 🙂

Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

p.s. why wait until the New Year to start working on your financial resolutions/goals – especially if you have debt. Click here to start now!

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