I know, I know…not only am I having a corny moment, but I am really dating myself! But c’mon, it’s Valentine’s Day and you gotta love this vintage photo of Telly Savalas aka “Kojak” and his signature quote – “Who Loves Ya, Baby?”

Today is the commercially designated day, which I admittedly buy into hook, line and sinker, for expressing love to and for others and letting them do the same to and for you.  However, I hope that you also let this day be one where you focus on another important love: self-love.

Self-Love on Valentine’s Day?

For some, it may seem sacrosanct to offer such a suggestion. But the continuous act of self-love is so, so powerful!

Rolling your eyes (perhaps), you say, “yeah, yeah, blah, blah…you’re not telling me anything new, Jacquette.” Ah…but do you practice self-love on a daily basis when making choices and decisions, both large or small? Betcha I gotcha there!

The habit of asking…

What does self-love look like? What does it feel like?

…is one I learned from my very first business coach, Laura Berman Fortgang. She pointed out the correlation between the quality of my choices + decisions, business results, and the degree of self-love I express in any given moment.

Yes, it is a continuous work in progress. But imagine if you thought for just a split-second before taking any action – whether in the realm of romantic love, money, work or other personal relationships: “Am I choosing or deciding out of love vs. fear, guilt, shame (or anything other than love and self-compassion)?

POWERFUL, right?!

So yes, on this day of all days, I’m suggesting you redirect some of your attention to YOU. If you’re not in the habit of doing this, today is a great time to pause (like right now) and think about what acts (or thoughts) of kindness you can extend toward yourself?

In fact, leave a comment to share what you to do express self-love. What you share might just be the inspiration someone else needs today. But if you prefer to keep it private and just between us, then send me an email.

It’s Valentine’s Day! I hope you are having a great, love-filled day whether you’re single, coupled, or in a “complicated” situation (to borrow the parlance of Facebook).

Happy Love Day, today and everyday! 🙂


p.s. I love that you’re part of my community…thank you for being here.

p.p.s. barring no technical difficulties next week, I should be ready to announce an act of self-love of my own – something that has been a year in the making…can’t wait!

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