Have you recently had an experience that seems to continually reveal itself as being powerful, instructive, and profound for reasons you never would have guessed? Well, that is precisely what the Financial Intimacy Conference is turning out to be for me. The more I reflect on what went into planning the recent launch in New York City – especially as I prepare for the next city on the tour (Los Angeles) – the more I realize just how much I have/am learned/learning via this process.

As I was working on the last minute details leading up to the September event, a good friend of mine who calls me by my last name kept saying, “Timmons keep it simple.” A good example of where his words of wisdom came in handy: my catering selection. I was initially planning to hire a private chef and while it would have added a nice touch, truthfully, it would have significantly increased my food and beverage budget. Costs aside, it also would have required much more effort and coordination than the route I ultimately took…ordering salad and sandwiches from a gourmet shop and wine from a local wine store. I kept it simple.

On the surface this example may not appear to be a big deal, but if we move beyond the “it” of the example to its “message,” it is HUGE! Why? Because keeping it simple requires discipline and it is not always such an easy thing to do. So with this as a backdrop, here is why keeping it simple is important; simplicity: (Continue Reading…)

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