While it is true that goal setting takes place year-round, at this time of year, especially, it’s top of mind for most everyone. The excitement of the new year spills over into your desire for fresh starts and new beginnings – personally, professionally, financially.

Like others have been, I’m on your screen chiming in with my perspective on how to avoid the “January effect.” I don’t want you to start off strong and then lose steam before you even reach the end of the month.

My solution to this dilemma is to get you to go from being a good goal setter to being a great goal achiever. Because I want you to start strong, and I want you to finish strong, too. (In fact, I’m hosting a free webinar about what it takes to do this on Tuesday, January 19th at 8pm ET.)

One of the reasons I want you to adopt this approach to your goals is because today’s financial world calls for it.

The traditional approach to goal setting worked just fine in the old financial model.

You know, the one that is more reflective of your parents and/or grandparents way of living, working and managing money. The one where you likely worked for the same company for 25-years or more; the one where someone else primarily took the lead with managing your money (especially your retirement funds via pension plans and defined-benefit plans); the one where you had a relationship with your local bank and banker; the one where you had limited choice when it came to financial services and products, and having a money manager was reserved for those with million dollar portfolios.

That’s not today’s financial reality.

The financial world today is tremendously different than the 20th century. Heck, it’s vastly different than just a mere ten years ago!

Today, most people are staying with their employer a whopping 4.4 years, and about one-third of the American adult population (approx. 42 million) are estimated to be freelancers.  Switching jobs; switching industries; even switching between working as an employee or entrepreneur is considered the norm (rather than an anomaly).

Today, you are responsible for every financial decision, choice and consequence. Fewer people work at places where a pension is even offered, and all 401ks (or similar accounts) rely on you to manage it.

Today, accessing the expertise of a professional money manager can happen with a couple of hundred dollars; you can avail yourself of a plethora of products and services; and you can do this all in the palm of your hand thanks to the $9 billion spent by the financial technology industry since 2008.

We call this the “New Economy.”

In this new economy, traditional goal setting is not sufficient for keeping the focus on and sustaining momentum toward your goals and dreams. Using “old” financial world tools and techniques will only get you so far. And, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to knowingly limit yourself or your future, right?

You need to go beyond traditional goal setting so you can create and maintain wealth in ways that reflect the unusual truths about today’s financial world!

Helping you align how you create, manage and finance your goals with the dynamics of the new economy is precisely why I’m offering next week’s free webinar training. Hope you plan to join us on Tuesday, January 19th at 8pm ET!

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