Everyone has money baggage in some way, shape or form. And, the influences are many – family, friends, colleagues, society at large, consequences of past choices, etc.

Typically, your awareness of your money baggage largely lies dormant until something happens. Usually something big. Like a marriage. Or, a divorce. Or, a lay off. Or, buying a home. Or, the birth of a child. Or, starting a business. Or, trying to figure out why you don’t feel comfortable raising your prices.

Examples are aplenty. But one of the things these events all have in common is that you are often thrust into a situation that simultaneously triggers a financial fear that directly challenges a financial aspiration.

Now, the cat’s – aka your money baggage – is outta the bag. Your money “stuff” has been brought to the surface. And you realize it’s keeping you from moving forward with financial goals more clear, confident and in control. So, you take action. Yet, something is not working.

Probably because you’re making a common mistake: Most people focus on the transactional side of money – what they do with it – when they’ve decided it’s time to do something about their baggage. If that’s you, STOP!

Money baggage is just as much about what you do with money as who you are with money.

For greater financial success and more sustainable results, it is beneficial to also invest the time to explore who you are with money.

It’s not woo-woo…it’s smart and strategic.

It’s how you turn worry into action.

It’s how you turn preparedness into sustainable results.

It’s how you answer the ever-present question, “Am I doing right?”

It’s how you figure out what managing the math and emotions of money looks like in your life.

It’s how you set yourself up for success – to get the best results possible.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and are curious about how your money baggage is affecting you and your financial results, let’s chat. I’d really love to help you and offer you some suggestions. Click here to immediately schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call.

Maybe none of the examples I mentioned earlier apply to you and there’s something else (or someone else) draining your finances.

Maybe there’s something else happening in your life that is creating financial instability and a sense of financial insecurity.

Whatever is happening, I’d really love to know what’s going on and figure out how I can help you.

Like I said, everyone has money baggage. And embedded in yours is an important clue–an indicator as to what your next step ought to be. Having an encounter with your money baggage will help you unload it and move forward with your money with more focus, confidence and control.


p.s. For the month of August, I’ve added additional “Office Hours” to my calendar. So, grab your spot now…schedule your free Discovery Call.

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