As soon as you catch your breath from the festivities of the holiday season, it’ll be time to rev up for the New Year. Are you ready?

Is money – whether it is to earn more, save more, spend wisely, invest strategically, become debt free – a top financial goal?

Moving beyond the dollar and cents, do you want to better understand your behavior with money and get to the “why” behind your financial choices? Do you want to discover how this awareness can help you create breakthroughs that will lead to sustainable financial change?

Yes!” – you say emphatically.

Then, register for our 4-part streaming workshop video series, which begins Tuesday, 10 January.

But, if you say “yes, I think this may be a good solution for me,” join us on Tuesday, 3 January for a complimentary preview session to determine if the strategies and tactics shared and the circular learning you’ll experience in this course will help you kick-start 2012 and accomplish your goals for next year and beyond!

Then, go here to register for the preview session. On the 2nd, we will send you the link to join the Livestream preview session!

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