Ooh, I’ve been looking forward to publishing this post for awhile. I’m excited to share some news…I’m excited about what this moment (a year in the making) signifies for the road ahead.

I am writing to share a few small, subtle shifts that will impact how I serve you.

But first, some context…

As I’ve shared from time to time, I’ve been working with Stephanie Pollock, business activator & leadership coach.  This time last year, she and I embarked on a journey with me having no idea, really, where it would lead. I was simply crystal clear that: a) something needed to change, and b) I needed help. It was time to redirect the “ship” and reach my tipping point.

To say that working with Stephanie has been (and continues to be) a blessing beyond measure is truly an understatement. Little did I know back then that my choice to work with her was an act of self-love – both for my business and me personally.

While I am writing to share with you some important updates. This isn’t just about me. My hope is that you’ll dig beneath the surface and ask yourself: “Am I so focused on making the BIG moves, decisions or (fill in the blank) that I’m overlooking the power of making small, subtle shifts?”

Small really is the new significant!

Retiring sterlingchoices.net

As you may have noticed, we have a new online home and a modified home-page. Yay! We haven’t done a complete design overhaul and a few pages still need to be updated; all that is forthcoming. But after ten years, I decided to retire sterlingchoices.net and migrate to jacquettetimmons.com.

No, this isn’t a vanity project (although I do have my vain moments…who doesn’t?). However, this choice is about me owning my message, mission and gifts in a way that is different when presented behind a company-branded website.

Introducing a new framework – the Financial Intimacy Academy

My clarion call that money is about both the numbers and human behavior has always been quite loud. And, I’ve never shied away from my belief that you have to layer on top of that social, political, economic, and familial factors. While I’ve worked diligently to make clear how I help people manage the obtuse intersection of money and life, there’s evidence that there’s room for improvement.

To that end and to strengthen my communication of what I do, how I can serve you, and what results you can expect from working with me, I’ve created the Financial Intimacy Academy. I’ve streamlined my offerings under this umbrella as follows:

  • Financial Jam Session
  • Beyond the Numbers

Both options exemplify my 5-step coaching process; both options will give you clarity and a customized, action plan for your finances (and your life). What’s different is how we reach the end result. Click here to learn more about the Financial Jam Session. Information for Beyond the Numbers will be available soon.

Got Unmanageable Debt?

Then you’re going to love Out of the Red, Back to Black, a (mostly) self-study program that addresses both the mindset and money elements of debt. Managing both sides of the debt equation is especially critical when getting out of debt is going to be a long-term process!

Are you a self-directed investor investing in mutual funds?

What the Hell Should I Do With My 401(k)?” not only provides an “Investing 101” primer, but it also takes you through the 7-criteria for selecting a mutual fund and how best to create a complementary portfolio of mutual funds.

Want to master the language of love + money?

Yep, it is its own separate language! And coming April 15th is a three-month, virtual experience for couples – Master the Language of Love + Money: Learn How to Get the Strategy & Communication Right For the Life-Style You and Your Honey Desire.

This is perfect for you and your sweetie if you don’t want money matters to sabotage your relationship and/or interrupt your life-style. Stay tuned for more information about this experience for couples of all stripes.

Small Tweaks. Massive Satisfaction.

I am SO thrilled about these subtle shifts and what it means for you: more options for working with me; more price points; more exposure to my posse of awesome experts who will help me advance the message of moving beyond the numbers (either through program/event collaboration or guest posting), to name a few.

As you can see, the above are indeed small tweaks. However, the work that went into seeing the need for them and creating the infrastructure to give them life was anything but small!

I didn’t know where my work with Stephanie would lead specifically, but I knew beyond a doubt that the purpose of my work with her was to – in the end – offer you products and services that will help you achieve the deepest desires of your heart. And let’s face it, money is an integral tool for making that happen!

Of course, I benefit from this evolution as well. I get to step further and deeper into my zone, which sets me up to operate at my most maximum capacity with and for you.

Now, back to my question from the beginning: Are you moving forward making small, subtle shifts? Or, are you waiting for the earth to move beneath your feet – thereby giving more power to some BIG moves, decisions or (fill in the blank)? Leave a comment and let me know!

p.s. I’m speaking at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit on March 1st. If you are attending, please make sure we connect face-to-face!

p.p.s. gotta give a shout out to my dear friend Alexia Vernon for our weekly calls…everyone should have an accountability partner as fantastic as you.

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